About Us

Choosing a telecommunications partner is one of the most important strategic decisions a company can make. Satellite Solutions Worldwide specialises in delivering last mile and last resort connectivity to customers literally anywhere on the planet.

Satellite Solutions Worldwide continues to revolutionise the satellite broadband communications industry .

  • Our end-to-end managed solutions provide customers with industry leading satellite broadband connectivity where the fixed line infrastructure can’t deliver, and in timescales few companies can match.
  • Our Project Team are experienced in delivering voice, public Internet and private circuit connections to the most challenging locations, and to the tightest deadlines. Our relationships with numerous satellite owners and partners enable us to deploy ‘best of breed’ satellite communications virtually anywhere.
  • Our customers range from domestic homes to multi-national corporations, the military, and Governments. We’ve installed satellite broadband installations into some of the most hostile and complex environments on the planet.
  • Our research and development program continues to expand the limits of what’s technically achievable in the field of alternative communications for areas where no wired connectivity exists.

We are licensed by


for permanent, transportable or mobile sending and receiving Network Earth Stations for the purposes of providing Wireless Telegraphy links between those stations and Geostationary Satellites.

Our license numbers are 0811300/1, 0811308/1, 0811305/1 and 0845236/1.

If you’re considering buying satellite broadband services in the UK, make sure you’re dealing with a licensed operator.