Products & Services

Satellite Solutions Worldwide has developed a range of satellite based connectivity solutions in response to feedback that what customers really wanted was a “one-stop-shop” for all their satellite communications needs.

We operate 3 main satellite platforms, on 10 different satellites; this gives us the flexibility and the horsepower to deliver – whatever your project demands.

So whether you’re at home with one PC or MAC looking a fairly priced domestic connection, or an IT Manager from an Enterprise company with 10 buildings that need connecting via ultra-fast VPN, if the fixed line infrastructure can’t deliver – we can. It’s all about speed of delivery and unparalled reach.

We’ve developed a range of portable and rapid deployment units specifically suitable for the demanding work environments of broadcasters and the media, and our Maintenance and Technical Support departments are geared towards maintaining services in hostile and complex locations.

We integrate communication systems particularly geared towards Government and Military users, including CESG approved encryption to TS, managed encryption services and IP v4 networks through our Europasat brand.

Our investment in the latest customer support, billing and management platforms mean we’re at the forefront of our industry in supporting our customers.

As we look towards delivering terabit connectivity using laser satellite, reducing satellite latency to practically zero, our best-of-breed product portfolio means if you need to work where there’s no wires, Satellite Solutions Worldwide has to be your first choice Satellite ISP.