Broadcasters, who often operate in difficult locations with poor infrastructure, depend on Satellite Solutions Worldwide to relay information to their network or data centre with no delay

In a fast moving media market place where even big news stories only have a shelf life of a few hours, Satellite Solutions Worldwide together with its satellite partners continues to innovate to provide our broadcasting and media users with the ultimate portfolio of communications tools, allowing them to bring the news to their audience in record breaking time.

Our adoption of Ka band satellite connectivity means that we can offer professional broadcast uplink services at a price that was inconceivable 3 or 4 years ago, using light weight, compact equipment that will fit on any commercial flight.

We deliver a complete Broadcast Solution including satellite and terrestrial routing. Dedicated uplink and download speeds to 10 Mbps.

We also specialise in providing broadcasting customers with private circuit connections and off-internet routing enabling them to deliver content straight from the field into their own corporate networks. Our satellite news gathering (SNG) customers include the BBC, Sky News and CNN.