The business case for resilient broadband communications at all your business sites has never been greater, but the combined forces of the largest telecoms companies in the world seem unable to reliably provide a fixed line terrestrial broadband connection where many of their customers need it.

But that’s great for us, because that’s what makes our business, because we always can.

Satellite Solutions Worldwide, through our Europasat website has assembled a range of “best of breed” satellite internet solutions suitable for today’s tough economic environment. We provide primary or secondary internet connectivity wherever its needed, anywhere on the surface of the planet.

We provide last mile and last resort

  • Super fast internet backbone and private circuit connectivity
  • Point to point dedicated links
  • Failover and back-up broadband connectivity
  • Voice, data and video back-haul
  • Remote site hook-up

If you’re a business, whatever the size, and you can’t get connected in either the time-frame you want, or in areas not served by the main wired infrastructure, talk to us, we can deliver.