Ultra-fast fixed wireless

At Satellite Solutions Worldwide we’ve always said that it will be a blend of different technologies often working cohesively together that will deliver the ultimate penetration in terms of premises covered, and super-fast speeds to the all customers.

To this end in mid 2016 we took the decision to bring the latest generation of ultra-fast fixed wireless broadband into our portfolio. Advances in the wireless broadband technology mean that we can now deliver up to 100 Mbps with unlimited data plans under a consumer business model, and 500 Mbps plus to businesses. We already have over 23,000 customers on fixed wireless broadband services.

This best-of-breed hardware encompasses the latest Massive Multi-User MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) and beam forming technology enabling exceptional broadband performance even in areas of high interference.

We don’t offer fixed wireless services in all areas but the number of locations we cover is expanding all the time as Government’s step in to fund in-fill projects where the population density and topography of the land means that fixed wireless broadband is a good fit to receive Government support or State aid. Our subsidiary companies have won and been shortlisted for numerous Government backed fixed wireless broadband networks across Europe.

Our fixed wireless services are offered in the UK by our subsidiary Quickline Communications or in Scandinavia via our subsidiary Breiband.

Wireless Broadband Receiver