A significant part of our business has been built on the back of our partnerships with our Resellers. Our Reseller business model is suitable for satellite ISP’s, ADSL or terrestrial broadband resellers, or indeed any company with other synergistic products.

Our Europasat Reseller Program is one of the strongest Reseller business models in the telecoms industry, and delivers excellent margin and long term quality revenue schemes for our Partners.

What we bring to the relationship is our satellite know how, and our worldwide partnerships with numerous satellite owners and supplementary equipment manufacturers. Leveraging our international brand but offering a locally orientated sales, support and installation service, our Resellers take our network know how and deliver it out into the most remote parts of Europe.

Building on the synergy between businesses who have existing customers that need our products, and our highly developed Reseller proposition, our 3 Tier Reseller plan means that all types of businesses can add satellite broadband to their own portfolio tapping into the worldwide growth in demand for fast broadband.

If you’re a traditional broadband or Wireless ISP, what do you currently do with customer enquiries that you can’t offer a service to? Satellite broadband can deliver a defined broadband service level virtually anywhere, we can help you turn those enquiries into satisfied customers.

We’re looking to partner with any established companies who may have a rural or semi-rural customer base that may be being denied fast broadband over wires, but that might not know that the satellite broadband option is available to them.